Do I have parasites?

Dateline: March 10, 2009

In this article by Chelsea Vurciaga, she discusses how anyone can have parasites, describes typical symptoms and three approaches to reducing or eliminating them from the body: garlic, wormwood and colon cleansing. As a source for wormwood, she recommends the Wormwood Kit and for colon cleansing, she recommends Sonne’s Organic Food.
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Beauty begins with a clean colon

Dateline: March 06, 2009

In an interview with Priscilla Omoifo, the CEO of Priscilla Pride Spa in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi, she talks about the process and benefits of colon hydrotherapy. After the treatment, Omoifo advises that to maintain a healty colon, people should "eat a balanced meal, eat a lot of fruits, drink a lot of water to hydrate the system, find time to exercise, relax and also have enough sleep."
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Cutting Calories Increases Chance of Losing Weight

Dateline: March 02, 2009

A study published February 26, 2009 in the New England Journal of Medicine determined that the simple act of restricting caloric intake results in weight loss. Based on a sample of 811 patients, the researchers noted that when the patient's caloric intake was low, their weight loss was consistent, no matter what type of diet plan they were on.
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New Colon Cleansing Product Introduced — Acai Berry Elite

Dateline: February 20, 2009

A new colon cleanse product has been launched that claims to "safely reduce the buildup of toxins and waste in the body while boosting your metabolism." It also claims to help with "low energy, bloating and gas, irregular bowel movements and excess fat around the middle." The marketing site offers a voice-over, a misleading countdown timer and associated "limited supply" message. The sign-up form for a "free" trial requires you to enter a credit card and agree to be billed $4 immediately and an additional $80 charge after 21 days unless you return unused product. You also agree to recurring automatic orders of $80 every two months or so and agree to receive a twice-weekly email newsletter.
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Colon Cleansing & Cancer Risk

Dateline: June 3, 2003

In this short interview with Bernard Levin, M.D., he criticises colon cleansing supplements. Levin states, "A healthy diet (low in red meat and fat and high in fruits, vegetables, fiber and calcium), exercise, drinking in moderation and avoiding tobacco are the known elements that reduce colon cancer risk." "Know your family history, and get screened earlier than age 50 if colon cancer runs in your family." For everyone else, he emphasizes, "begin screening at age 50 by any of the recommended methods."
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